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Track Record - Calabar NIPP, Odukpani

 - Turbine is temporarily stored and positioned using single width trailer modules. Temporary storage on Stools also provided by SAIMA Nigeria.

- Lifting of Turbines for transportation with reconfigured trailer deck. The twin deck of 6.3m wide is used for lifting the turbine to re-orientate the Turbines to align to foundation.

- The turbine is lifted off temporary Storage stools, transported and positioned in alignment with Foundation in preparation for Skidding.

- Care is taken to ensure proper level is maintained from the trailer deck through the lengths of the Skid railings. 

- Turbine is Skidded off from the trailer deck. 

Track Record - Transportation, NIPP, Odukpani

 - Convoy movement of two Turbines and one Transformer with FRSC and MOPOL as Traffic Safety and Security Escorts. 

- Possibility of transportation through built up city areas pre-determined by Route Survey Exercise prior to actual transportation.

- Top of Cargoes covered with non –conductive materials for protection against contact with electrical charges. All height constraints are pre-measured and determined as hazards during Route Survey.

- Alternate bridge specially constructed as bypass to the existing bridge to avoid damage to its integrity.

Track Record - Siemens

- Preparation for Skidding of Turbine from a broken down train.

- Skidding of Turbine onto single width deck modular transporter.

- Road transportation from Site of Rescue to Installation Site.

- Skidding from the deck of the modular transporter and jack down onto foundation.

Track Record - Dangote Fertilizer

- Preparation to receive Urea Reactors with 1x12 axle single and 2 x 6 axle twin deck SPMT from Ocean Going Vessel crane.

- Urea Reactors unit as stored on stools at dedicated stacking area.

Track Record - Bonga FPSO Reel

- Transfer to quayside apron.

- Jack down for temporary storage for reconfiguration of transporting mode to match grillage with tie down structures on barge.

- Jack Lifting with single line SPMT to change racking positions and clear way for final transportation.

- Lifting with 2 single widths SPMT at either ends of Reel grillage to free up footing of grillage.

- Transportation to jetty and alignment of Reel for its positioning on Barge.

- Rolling of Reel onto Barge.

Track Record - Egina FPSO Chains & Reel

- Receiving linked bundles of Mooring Chains  on specially constructed trays.

- Offloading of Mooring Chains at Dedicated stacking area.

– Receiving from Ocean Going Vessel and Transportation of 17 x 200 ton Reels for storage (Total, 2016).

Track Record - NOPL Saipem

- Jack up of 220 ton Slug Catcher with Modular trailers to install beams for installation to  foundation using SPMT.

- Insertion of Saddles on SPMT to Orientate Slug catcher to foundation.

- Installation of Slug Catcher on foundations.

Track Record - EGTL Project

– Rolling on operations with control unit module onto barge at jetty. Ballasting of barge is carried out as trailer rolls onto barge.

– Roll off operations.

– Lifting of control unit modules 2 units of 10 axels configured modular trailers.

– Transfer of control modules from stacking area to jetty.  

Track Record - Jack Up & Transfer of Crane

– Racking with pre-cut hard wood blocks and jacking up to desired height using the outriggers of crane.

– Preparation of trailer to roll under the jacked up crane.

– Positioning of crane on deck of low loader and final preparation for transportation.  

Track Record - FPSO Module, Choba

- Jack up of FSPO OWT Module with Hydraulic Jack up system for Roll out procedures and insertion of Transportation Grillage. 

- Lifting of FSPO OWT Module with SPMT and roll of FSPO OWT Module onto Barge at Jetty.

Track Record - Indorama Fertilizer Plant

- Receiving of 537 ton Carbon Dioxide Absorber at 57m long with 2 unit of 22 axle twin trailer deck configuration.

- Receiving and temporary storage of  534 ton LP/HP Flash drum at 60m long with 22 axle twin trailer deck configuration.

- Transportation of 537 ton Carbon Dioxide Absorber and 534 ton LP/HP Flash Drum from Onne port to Indorama Petrochemical, Eleme using 2 separate trailer configurations connected by turntables.

- Receiving of Boiler unit at Night onto 2 unit 12 axle twin deck of 6.3m wide modular transporter.

- Delivery at installation Site the following morning.

Track Record - Transfer of Jackets, Aveon Jetty

(1) - Lifting of 900 ton Jacket 2Units of 24 axle of synchronised SPMT and transfer from Fabrication to Barge at Jetty.